Arithmos Elegant

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2019 by Feiyou Guo

Arithmos Elegant

A calculator proficiently handles scientific calculations and units conversions while having a simple, intuitive, and aesthetic user interface.




Access to numbers, log functions, trig functions, power functions, and others by swiping or even simply tapping on the wanted section titles.


Formulas are typed and shown just as what they are supposed to be done on paper; repeating decimals are simplified; the results are converted into scientific notations when necessary.


Arithmos Elegant supports the conversion of seven different types of units and could be switched from a scientific calculator to a unit converter by just one click.


Access your calculation history by pulling down from the main screen. Long press on any of them to either copy or to use that result directly in your current calculation.


Choose your favorite colors, and many more themes are coming soon!


Simply swipe left to undo and right to redo your type.